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Business manager of innovative and creative company, you and your team are entirely mobilized on the daily functioning.

You are convinced of the interest:

– To make a business intelligence and strengthen the knowledge of your sector, to watch the key events of your activity

– to introduce operations of public relations, to strengthen your presence in the press and the media

– to be with you in the conquest of all these opportunities…

 Let’s work together!

I provide  the right combination :

> the objective glance of the consultant to anticipate the right orientations

> flexibility and ability to react with creative solutions

> the pragmatic action of a marketing director


Who is Laurence Gauthier?

After having graduated with an MBA from ESC Dijon, Burgundy School of Business, Laurence Gauthier started her career in the French TV industry before resuming her studies one year later at Sciences Com’ in Nantes in order to obtain a post-graduate degree in Communication & Media.  Laurence then went on to co-launch a European newspaper dedicated to emerging technologies in Paris.

 On relocating to Marseille in 1990, she was recruited by the local Chamber of Commerce as a Technical Assistant in Marketing & Communication, where she was responsible for training and advising local companies on new technology applications in order to enhance their development.

In addition Laurence was also charged with the organisation of trade exhibitions, communication with multimedia professionals and a programme to increase awareness of new technologies (audiovisual, multimedia, Internet, etc…).
Then, Laurence Gauthier has been working since 2002 as Project Manager for the IT sector within Provence Promotion, the Economic Development Agency for the Bouches-du-Rhône which has had considerable success in encouraging both French and IT international companies to relocate in Southern France, like EXPEDIA, MONSTER, TELECOM ITALIA, animation and videogames studios.


In February 2007, starting up of a new adventure: she leaves Marseille with her family to Southern Burgundy. There, she sets up « L’Equipe de Campagne  » her consulting company and services in operational advice for the promotion of the young innovative companies: multidisciplinary services (relations press/public relations / optimization of events)

Major objective: to enhance  the growth of the  companies !